Subject Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) with AVIO Aero
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IONES concluded MOU with technology company AVIO Aero

On July 12, at the Farnborough Air Show in England, IONES signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate with Italy AVIO Aero.

IONES has recently been selected as the preferred supplier for the KF-X development project by localizing the PTO shaft connected to the T / FA-50 aircraft engine transmission and is the only company specializing in high performance power transmission shaft for aircraft. It has proved its superior performance as well as its light weight by accumulating design technology and various tests using years of accumulated special materials compared to existing products.

IONES and Italy. AVIO Aero will pursue mutual cooperation to design individual components and optimize the system to improve the performance of the power transmission shaft developed by iones and to ensure dynamic interaction and stable performance of the secondary power system.

AVIO Aero, a subsidiary of GE Aviation, is engaged in the design, manufacture and maintenance of commercial and military aviation secondary power systems and low pressure turbine systems, with production plants in major cities, including Turin, Italy and Poland. Employee is about 4,000.

Since 1908, it has been recognized as a world leader in technology and excellent production capacity through numerous technological development efforts, Major production gearboxes include PW1100, PW150, GE90, GENX, V2500, LM2500, Trent900, TP400, EJ200 and T700.

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